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MALLEUS deliver raw, old school torment with 'Night Raids'

Furious black metal from Boston

Boston is known to have produced countless heavy acts over the years, including REVOCATION, INFERA BRUO, MORNE, and UNEARTH to name a few. To continue this streak, we'd like to introduce you to the deadly four-piece that is MALLEUS, who delivered their brutal EP Night Raids on Atomic Force Records in October.

The band consists of code named members, including vocalist The Sceptre, guitarist The Hammer, bassist The Watcher, and drummer The Relentless, each making up the armory that is MALLEUS. After one spin of Night Raids, it becomes clear that each member is aptly named, being that the drumming is indeed relentless, the guitar unleashes hammering speed, and the watcher carries the pulse while the scepter guides this MALLEUS battalion forward.

The somber cover art is but an introduction to the darkness that lies upon each listen of this magnificent set of tracks on Night Raids. The EP opens with chilling atmosphere, amplifying the sounds of swords clinging and citizens screaming for mercy as their village is torn apart. Following the tormenting sounds of a town torn asunder, the guitar rises and pushes forth the raw aggression felt throughout most thrash records from the 80's, followed by cataclysmic drums, thumping bass, and screams from the depths below. MALLEUS embody Haunting the Chapel-like energy on Night Raids and produce a seamless blend of old school black metal with thrash elements.

We can sit and write you a thesis on why you should check out MALLEUS, but the music speaks for itself and commands a full listening experience. Stream the two track Night Raids EP below and pick up merch/vinyl copies over on their webstore and Bandcamp, where you can also stream their crushing debut record Storm of Witchraft (2017).

malleus, black metal, atomic force records


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