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MEN SENI SUYEMIN shares soothing new video for 'S.O.S.

The standout track from Minona Volandova's debut EP gets an introspective visual.

Photograph by Elizaveta Bulaeva

Men Seni Suyemin, which is Kazakh for “I love you”, is apt as a moniker for what St. Petersburg-based musician & producer Minona Volandova crafts. Her endearing approach to composition was on full display on her recently released EP, HOPE (Available now via 2MR), the likes of which flourishes with electronic textures and heartwarming melodies. This week sees the arrival of a video for S.O.S., capturing Volandova in her element as post-rock arrangements drive the atmosphere for the track.

Check out the Vadim Vertoplyasov-directed video below and stream/buy HOPE HERE.

men seni suyemin


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