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MESHUGGAH share ripping new single 'The Abysmal Eye'

The first audio sample from the band's highly anticipated new full-length.

Following a welcome announcement of the band's 9th record Immutable, Meshuggah now share The Abysmal Eye as the first single to come from the Luminokaya-illustrated effort. Immutable arrives on April 1st via Atomic Fire Records and the Swedish tech-titans find themselves at the culmination of their perplexing craft. As The Abysmal Eye would entail, Meshuggah have yet to miss a step, delivering a barrage of double bass gallops and electrifying instrumentation apt for any run or night at the gym.

Guitarist Mårten Hagström comments:

“For us, it wasn’t all that clear that we were making a new album. We knew we could do it, but did we want to do it? We had to decide, ‘Are we doing this or what else are we doing?’ After a long, long discussion, we agreed on certain things. We would make an album with as few restraints as possible. We would go in and try to make as cool an album as possible, have no anxiety about it and see it as an opportunity. How do we make this a challenge that we feel like accepting and rising up to? Pretty quickly we had a starting point. Everybody started to write, the ball started rolling, and suddenly we were sitting there, discussing how many songs we were going to have to cut!”

Stream The Abysmal Eye below and pre-order your copy of the record HERE.

Cover Artwork by Luminokaya


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