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METH. unleash true chaos on new single "inbred"

Breaking through the chains of genre restriction.

With the rise of the internet came an introduction of different styles and technology, leaving an impact on musicians across the world and therefore leading to new and innovative approaches to metal. It goes without saying that metal in the contemporary world is as diverse as the people responsible for it's inception. Chicago's METH. are a testament to the above statements, seamlessly merging noise, hardcore, and more on the new single inbred, which hails from the band's forthcoming new record Mother of Red Light. These hymns of insanity arrive on August 23rd via Prosthetic Records.

Frontman Seb Alvarez comments of the track: 

“Inbred is a song that has been in our live rotation since we began playing shows. Anyone who’s seen us is probably familiar with the song. It was structured through a jam and we collectively added our own dimensions as it grew. Inbred dictates the main characters realization of humanity as he pieces together the Choir of Red Light’s lineage of inbreeding and that he himself has been sexually involved with his mother. It is the turning point in the album as the character devolves from god into his true human form.”

Stream inbred below and pre-order your copy of the record HERE.


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