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MIDNIGHT sign to Metal Blade Records, share new single

A long time coming for Athenar.

What better way to kick off a tour with the legendary OBITUARY, ABBATH, and DEVIL MASTER than with the announcement of worldwide record deal to one of metal's biggest labels? There's clearly no better way, but to sweeten the deal, MIDNIGHT and Metal Blade Records pair the signing with the release of Rebirth By Blasphemy, a devious new 7"/digital single.

The Athenar-led unit harnesses a lustful and satanic pedigree, crafting metal with said qualities to the likes of PROFANATICA. MIDNIGHT's reign throughout the metal/punk underground, garnering a huge cult following across the world through superb consistency in maliciousness. Rebirth By Blasphemy is a return to the band's sadistic ways, paving the way for the way for their Metal Blade Records full-length debut of the same name in early 2020.

MIDNIGHT mastermind Athenar comments:

"Well, I sent a demo tape of my band to Metal Blade Records back in 1987. It only took them 32 years to respond and guess what? They want to release a record! Patience is a virtue. Now YOU WAIT until this new album comes out so you can bang your fucking skull against a brick wall while cranking the stereo at neighbor destroying volume!"

Stream Rebirth by Blasphemy below and pre-order your 7" copy HERE or on tour.


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