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MOODRING announce new album 'Stargazer' + share new single

Updated: Apr 29, 2022

The Floridian unit craft a spirited composition that harkens back to alt-metal greats.


Having covered the latest Deftones tour stop in Los Angeles earlier this month, the announcement of new MOODRING album Stargazer comes in good time given the band's comparable attention to glistening bliss. Stargazer arrives on June 10th via UNFD and multiple singles have braced audiences for the vibrance embodied within, including this week's release of SYNC.wav - a wondrous and slow burning escape of mesmerizing vocal melodies and instrumentation.

Frontman Hunter Young comments on the record:

"We were excited to explore deeper themes and different aspects of our band throughout the full length. The album dives into our pool of influences unabashedly but resurfaces as its own entity. Each song was written with personal meaning and multiple themes, whilst remaining ambiguous and open enough for listeners to relate in their own way."

Stream SYNC.wav below and pre-order your copy of the record HERE.

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