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MORBID MESSIAH unveil cover art for new album 'Disgorged In The Coffin'

Gruesome details to pair well with the band's twisted riffs.

morbid messiah
Cover art by Karl Dahmer (Dahmer Art)

Guadalajara's very own MORBID MESSIAH are no stranger to enticing listeners with horrid visuals. After all, they did partner with Mark Riddick for the cover of their debut album, Demoniac Paroxysm. Today, Heaviest of Art is proud to showcase their next chapter of gore, the Karl Dahmer-illustrated Disgorged In The Coffin. In true Dahmer fashion, Disgorged The Coffin sports a rather macabre depiction that is quite apt for the Mexican band's death metal.

Frontman José Rivas comments on the cover:

The cover, as same as the songs, has the principle of being more intense, filth and violent. The content can be related with every song's elements in certain way, but it's mainly based on the EP's title and homonym song, "Disgorged in the Coffin": a putrid living corpse being vomited and excreted in a grave by demons, at the same time that is fusioning with them in a twisted dimension. It perfectly represents the spirit behind the music and the lyrics: a horrid and disgusting fate after the end of life, where the rapture just begins through death and horror.

We proposed the idea to a couple of artists, and they rejected it for being a big challenge. After a few days, we remembered Karl Dahmer in a conversation, and after taking a detailed look to his work, we were sure he was the man to do it. We contacted him, he freaking loved the idea and we made the deal. Like many other times in the past, we can boast that we took the damn right choice. The guy is sick in the head as much as we are, and just by looking at the final result, no more words need to be said.

The idea behind the complete concept was inspired by personal experiences that did nothing but enforce the band's ideals: WE ARE FUCKING DEATH METAL. Rottenness is our power and we don't fuck around.

As we wait for audio samples from the new record, stream the band's debut below:

morbid messiah mark riddick
Cover art by Mark Riddick


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