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MORK announce new album 'Dypet'

The Norwegian black metallers begin the release cycle with a daunting cover illustration.

Photograph by Metaworks Photography

Mork's sixth full-length album, Dypet, is set to arrive on March 24th via Peaceville Records. Though we don't have a track to ready the ears for what's expected to be a blood-curling listen, we do have the David Thiérrée cover, which draws inspiration from the H.P Lovecraft's Cthulhu Mythos to depict a Norwegian scenario where there is a cult on the coast that has worshipped Draugen (a mythical sea ghost in Norwegian lore).

Thomas Eriksen comments:

“It is with great pride that I am able to present and experience the release of my sixth full length album. I put every single drop of myself into the process of shaping MORK’s music. Perhaps even more so with this new album. As the album title, which translates to “The Deep”, something from the depths has been brought to the surface, “Dypet” was inspired by my life over the last couple of years, the thoughts, feelings, passion and the evolving of creative free will. Dive in and let yourself sink into the abyss.“

You can now pre-order Dypet as we await audio samples.

Cover Artwork by David Thiérrée


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