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MORTIFERUM & HYERDONTIA to release 7" split

A brief glimpse at some of the best that the underground has to offer.

Mortiferum Photograph by Carter Murdoch

To make up for their halted Kill-Town Death Fest appearances this year, the mighty MORTIFERUM and HYPERDONTIA have come together for a monstrous 7" split that includes deadly contributions from opposite sides of the pond. Set for physical release on December 7th via Carbonized Records (US) and Me Saco Un Ojo Records (Europe), the split will be limited to 1000 copies available in two vinyl variants, one of which is already sold out on Bandcamp.

Properly fronted by MORTIFERUM's own Chase Slaker, the split brings together some of the best death metal from both sides of the world, MORTIFERUM being from Olympia, Washington and HYPERDONTIA being from Copenhagen, Denmark. MORTIFERUM's contribution, Abhorrent Genesis, covers ground on the doom-leaning end, slowly pummeling you in. HYPERDONTIA cover ground on the faster end with Punctured Soul, a riff fest oozing in filth. Together, Abhorrent Genesis and Punctured Soul comprise one of this year's smallest yet mightiest compositions.

Stream the split in full below and pre-order your limited copy of it HERE or HERE.

Cover art by Chase Slaker
hyperdontia death metal
Hyperdontia, 2020


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