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MOTIONLESS IN WHITE release 'Another Life/Eternally Yours: Motion Picture Collection' EP

An awe-inspiring rendition of two of the band's standout offerings.


Still celebrating the wide success of the chart-placing Disguise (2019), Scranton's MOTIONLESS IN WHITE present Another Life/Eternally Yours: Motion Picture Collection, an EP that guides listeners through a set of fan-favorites under a different lens.

Featuring the vocals of Australia's Crystal Joilena on Eternally Yours and Estonia's Kerli on Another Life, the EP presents each track in new light, a light that strays from their heavy roots and commands your focus with every listen. Each sports a maelstrom of serene piano keys and strings that pair seamlessly with the soaring vocals of their guests, making them hypnotic in every sense of the word. The band round out the EP with instrumental versions of the tracks, for those who prefer to get lost with the musicianship alone.


"With all of the down time of not touring, we wanted to take the opportunity to try something we've never done before. We give you, 'Eternally Yours: Motion Picture Collection' (Feat Crystal Joilena) and 'Another Life: Motion Picture Collection' (Feat Kerli). Thank you to Crystal and Kerli for your amazing vocals that helped transform these versions into something truly special. Thank you to Justin Deblieck for your ever-brilliant talents that shine so bright throughout these tracks, and thank you to Steve Sopchack for your keen ear and dedication to mixing this project. We hope you all enjoy and are still staying safe out there."

Experience the beauty of Another Life below and check out the rest of the release on your streaming platform of choice HERE.



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