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Mouth For War announce new album 'Bleed Yourself' + share ripping new single

The Colorado natives hit hard with their MNRK Heavy debut.

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Photograph by Errick Easterday

On October 27th, Mouth For War will release Bleed Yourself via MNRK Heavy — a metalcore barrage bursting at the seams with sheer rage representative of the flame that lights up the stained glass on its cover artwork. Second single, Saturate Me, expands upon said rage with razor sharp riffs and explosive percussion sure to set the live setting ablaze. The track, which eases listeners in with a country-style prayer before ripping right into you with piercing screams, comes accompanied with an exquisite video.

Video director Errick Easterday comments:

"I'm thankful the band has continued to bring me back to direct videos for every release so far, and with this one I wanted to take a step in a different direction than we have in the past. We filmed the performance and narrative with a few months in-between, and that time gave the song some space to grow its own story around it. It ultimately landed on this fun early 2000s style horror. We really wanted to channel metal videos we watched as kids where the narratives are loose and weird, the colors are bright and crazy, and the band members take the spotlight. Inspiration on my end comes from a lot of music videos from bands of the era like Underoath, Every Time I Die, Bring Me The Horizon, Lamb Of God; as well as movies like Slither, The Collector, and Jennifer's Body."

Stream Saturate Me below and pre-order Bleed Yourself via MNRK Heavy.

mouth for war, death metal, mouth for war new album, mouth for war bleed yourself
"Bleed Yourself" (2023) Cover Artwork


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