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NARROW HEAD announce new album '12th House Rock'

Coming courtesy of their new team at Boston's Run For Cover Records.

Photograph by Na’Stacia Ellis

Look closely at the promo photo above and you'll notice NARROW HEAD drummer Carson Wilcox foreshadowing the sound you're about to embark with a coveted tour shirt from the Mellon Collie & The Infinite Sadness years of THE SMASHING PUMPKINS. The young Texas quintet bring it back to the golden era of alternative with the newly announced album 12th House Rock, arriving August 28th via Run For Cover Records (US) and Holy Roar Records (UK). To ease listeners into the lush qualities of this sophomore effort, NARROW HEAD have shared lead single Night Tryst.

Frontman Jacob Duarte on the track:

“I wanted to create a fairly dark world with my words. Kind of like the reality William Burroughs creates in Naked Lunch: a grimy world of drunks and druggies filled with endless nights of unknown substances, pleasures, and regrets. I put my life and experiences into that world and those are the words that came out."

Stream the jubilant Night Tryst below and pre-order your copy of the record HERE.

Cover art by Barry Elkanick


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