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NECROFIER announce new album 'Burning Shadows in the Southern Night' + stream lead single

Adorned by a Baroque piece, courtesy of standout artist Burney.

black metal
Photograph by Violeta Alvarez

On June 2nd, 2023, Texas black metal outfit Necrofier will release Burning Shadows in the Southern Night via Season of Mist, following up 2021's Prophecies of Eternal Darkness with another Burney-illustrated composition that'll sink its teeth in you one track at a time. Lead single Burnt By The Sacred Flame is the first to do so with its sprawling atmosphere and instrumentation.

Drummer Dobber Beverly comments:

"The goal going into the new record was to start setting ourselves apart from our contemporaries. One of those ways was changing what the record sounded like. Moving away from the clinical and sterile nature that most productions suffer from and back into a real room with real instruments and performances. Our friend and esteemed producer/engineer Joel Hamilton had expressed interest in venturing back into the metal world and offered to make the record with us at his facility, Studio G Brooklyn. With a full vintage Neve front end and a host of Telefunken and Neumann microphones we tracked a record the old way, mostly. The results will speak for themselves, hopefully, as this record breathes and spits fire wherever it's played."

Stream Burnt By The Sacred Flame below and pre-order the album.

dark art
Cover Artwork by Burney


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