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Necrot announce new album 'Lifeless Birth' + share lead single

The band deliver a death metal trifecta in partnership with longtime art partner Marald.

necrot lifeless birth, death metal, dark art, marald art.
Photograph by Chris Johnston

On April 12th, Bay Area death metal titans Necrot will release their third album, Lifeless Birth, via Tankcrimes, which comes wrapped in the twisted art of Marald van Haasteren once more. Wicked like its cover, Lifeless Birth rips into audiences with the trio's signature death metal flair. Controlled brutality, exquisite instrumentation, and a hell of a good time can be found on lead single Cut the Cord.

Frontman Luca Indrio comments:

“We are stoked to finally give our fans a new song and soon a new album. ‘Cut The Cord’ talks about how our minds are contaminated by a constant flow of negative information fed to us on a daily basis. People have their heads buried in their phones, constantly eating from a plate full of shit ,and the awful future we all didn’t want is now our present. A superficial society of people scared of each other. ‘Cut The Cord’ is a call to disconnect and refuse to live in fear, disengaging from what is making us miserable and starting to perceive life for what one believes and not the distorted and often fake reality that is constantly presented to us in many forms. It’s time to cut the cord.”

Stream Cut the Cord below and pre-order the record via Tankcrimes.

necrot lifeless birth, death metal, dark art, marald art.
Cover Artwork by Marald van Haasteren


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