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NECROWRETCH introduce new levels of extremity with "The Ones From Hell"

A blistering collision of black and death metal.

Photograph by Leonor Ananke

Following the blasphemic excellence that was Satanic Slavery (2017), NECROWRETCH have announced the next chapter in their musical career with the The Ones From Hell, set to arrive on February 14, 2020 via Season of Mist's Underground Activists. This next venture finds the French trio harnessing the likes of DISSECTION and MARDUK, further pushing the levels of extremity through a binding of metal's most extreme subgenres. From Ilmar's explosive drum work to Vlad's sadistic screams, first audio sample Luciferian Sovranty finds the band firing on all ends and paving the way for a devilishly good Valentine's Day release.


"Today, it's with pleasure that we spew our new creature onto the face of the earth. 'The Ones From Hell' is a brand new chapter in the history of Necrowretch. Beyond rules and boundaries, we have reached a new level of musical expression dedicated to the Devil and His many names. This unholy spawn will consist of eight new songs, which perfectly serve our impious fascination for Hell. Yet again this monster will be unleashed by the mighty Season of Mist. Down below the gates are opening for the 'Luciferian Sovranty'... Hail Satan!"

Stream Luciferian Sovranty below and pre-order your copy of the record HERE.

Cover art by Stefan Thanneur


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