Nectar Of The Gods: A Conversation with Joey Vera of ARMORED SAINT

Traversing the band's labyrinthine career as it leads to their recent heavy metal masterclass.

Words by K-Man (@kmanriffs):

I might be drawing a long bow here, I’m not entirely sure, but does anyone – anyone who loves heavy music - actually NOT care about ARMORED SAINT? Are they just the most universally loved quintessential Heavy Metal band around? For near on 40 years, ARMORED SAINT have been plying their trade. I was around when the EP and debut dropped in ’83 & ‘84, so like many others, I have taken the long journey with them to this point. It’s been a rollercoaster ride no doubt; marred by label hassles, a tragic death and nearly a decade in the 90's where the whole train came to grinding halt. Reinvigorated in 2000, ARMORED SAINT have arrived in 2020 with album number eight under their belt. ARMORED SAINT seem to work on a five year cycle between albums and the lead up to Punching The Sky has been palatable, with many a diehard fan salivating at the prospect of another quality set of tracks to wet the appetite. Having heard the album and been involved in many social media conversations about it, it’s not a stretch to suggest that Punching The Sky is some of their best work, if not their strongest ever.

To investigate the machinations behind the arrival of said new album, we have jumped at the chance to chat with original member/bassist/songwriter/producer/magician, Joey Vera! I hope you enjoy reading as much as I did chatting with the man! Nectar of the Gods, indeed:

Welcome to Heaviest of Art, Joey. As a long time fan, it’s such an honor to chat to you today and great to have you answer some questions for us!

Vera: Thank you K, glad to chat back with you!

Of course, the reason we have you here is to chat about the newly released album ‘Punching The Sky’ – how has the response been in the short time since its release?

Vera: The response has been very favorable. It seems to be connecting with people.

Oh, for sure. I haven’t seen a bad word about it at all! For good reason! Now, I want to dive into the new album real soon, but I thought we might take a step back and consider how the hell we got to 2020 and album No. 8. I mean, what a ride Joey – nearly 40 years! Do you even reflect on that? It is clearly something you want to do as a band when you start – stay together forever – but doing it is another matter. How do you view your ability to maintain that longevity?