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Negative Blast and Sweat conjure a beast on their 'split' EP

Four heaters that come shape shifting right at you with unbridled aggression.

negative blast, grindcore
Sweat & Negative Blast "Split" (2023) Cover Artwork

Words by Luis (@heaviestofart):

San Diego's hard-hitting hardcore punks Negative Blast have come together with the powerhouse that is Sweat (Graf Orlock, Dangers, Ghostlimb) for a split EP to be aware of come August 25th. Arriving via Vitriol Records, the split sports two tracks from both respective bands, each wasting no time in their desire to astound at moment's notice.

Sweat, who formed from camaraderie among a trio of best friends aimed at pleasing creative ambitions and enjoying the process of doing so, batter you in with the upbeat Regulations — a venue-leveling number that leaves little to no breathing room. The same goes for Closing, an equally rambunctious effort of piercing screams and punk bravado heightened further by Negative Blast and their blood-curling contribution, Original Spirit. Mid-tempo vibrance and hellish screams make up the heavy Psychic Vibrance. From beginning to end, this split rips right into you with conviction, presenting itself as a thrill ride of a listen for anyone keen on unconventional madness.

Stream Sweat's Regulations and Negative Blast's Original Spirit below and pre-order the split via Vitriol Records.


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