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NICK SUPERCHI announces new album ‘Dark Ivory Quietus’ + streams lead single

Dancing on ivories, the co-founder of Ceremonial Castings comes back with ambiance.

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Words by Jake Sanders (@themetalscholar):

Fresh off of eighteen months of pandemic writing, the multi-instrumentalist, neoclassical composer, and industrious workhorse behind Ceremonial Castings and Mysticism Black has once again stepped out from obscurity, a new ambient album in-hand.

Nick Superchi, a postmodern composer, and channeler of the iconic sounds of classic horror, and the golden era of digital role-playing games, has come forth to declare a third offering to his musical continuum. Defined by eleven tracks of close to an hour of new material, the man behind the keyboard has worked tirelessly to imprint upon listeners the influences of artists as popular, and energizing as, Nobou Uematsu, along with timeless horror composers like Mike Oldfield, two sounds that diverge on different paths, and coalesce effectively through the cleverly-paced, and weathered hands of Nick.

Those unfamiliar with the solo project have a ton of engaging, and highly accessible material to stream, all in an auditory medium that can please both die-hard metalheads, and classical audiences, alike. It's the best of both worlds under one roof, from the man who unleashed The Slings and Arrows (2015), and Otherworldly (2016) back-to-back.

With a slated release date of October 30th, 2021, it's easy to get psyched for what is sure to be one of the most memorable musical benchmarks of the Halloween season. Those who have been moved to motion by an upbeat minuet, or calmed by the soothing sounds of a neoclassical nocturne will be thrilled to see what Nick is slinging here; mastered by the axe-man of Uada, Mr. James Sloan, and mixed by the artist himself, a new world of soul and sound grips audiences by the collar and shakes them from their monotonous daze. The chamber music has withered, and in its place stands a man without a hood — without the novelty. All that's left is Nick, and an academic understanding of music theory, and inspiration.


Stream Run To The End below and keep your eyes glued to Nick's BANDCAMP for pre-order details!

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