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Nile announce new album 'The Underworld Awaits Us All' + share lead single

A momentous high mark for the death metal standouts.

new nile album, nile, new death metal.
Photograph by Casey Coscarelli

On August 23rd, Nile will release their highly anticipated new album, The Underworld Awaits Us All, via Napalm Records, again bringing sonic turbulence, technique, and extremity to new heights. The band's 10th album, which again comes illustrated by Michał 'Xaay' Loranc, continues down the band's trademark Egyptology in expansive ways reflective of a band at the culmination of their creativity. Lead single, Chapter for Not Being Hung Upside Down on a Stake, is a strong entry point to it all, bludgeoning listeners with a rewarding listen of layers waiting to unfold.

Nile's Karl Sanders comments on the new track and video:

“'Chapter for not being Hung Upside Down' is one of our favorite tracks on the new record. It’s a lot of fun to play, challenging and unpredictable, but with an infectiously brutal, unrestrained vibe that I am very certain will be a blast in the mosh pit during live shows.

We are super happy to be working with Tom Flynn for the video for this song - he is a visionary with insanely creative ideas and a really cool guy to work with. Very excited for people to see what he has been cooking up with this video."

Stream Chapter for Not Being Hung Upside Down on a Stake below

and pre-order the record via Napalm.

new nile album, nile, new death metal.
Cover Artwork by Michał 'Xaay' Loranc


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