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NOCTAMBULIST announce new album 'The Barren Form' + share lead single

Denver strikes again with the proper follow-up to one of 2019's best death metal records.


Two years from the immense debut record that was Atmospheres Of Desolation and NOCTAMBULIST have returned for the following chapter, the turbulent The Barren Form. Arriving on July 2nd via the always consistent Willowtip Records, The Barren Form takes death metal to a relentless realm that sports an immaculate sense of technicality. However, this isn't technical for the sake of being technical. NOCTAMBULIST's songcraft suffocates listeners in ways that unfold with each passing second, building upon each member's conscious approach and attention to detail. Let lead single Depletion guide the way into the black hole that is The Barren Form.

NOCTAMBULIST comment on the record:

"The Barren Form is a relentless and unforgiving exhibition of misery and despair. The technicality and weight of the prior album, Atmospheres of Desolation, remain persistent on this subsequent release. But, through an elevated form of songwriting and introspective lyrical content, “The Barren Form” creates a more suffocating and bleak aura. Each track embodies a manifestation of depression, grief, anxiety, and fear - a fitting theme for present day. The intent of the album is to unsettle and consume the listener. "

Stream Depletion below and pre-order your copy of the record HERE.

Nadim Zaidi and Gostworks noctambulist
Cover art by Nadim Zaidi and Gostworks


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