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Opening The Abyss: BLOOD INCANTATION at Saint Vitus Bar in Brooklyn

Intergalactic death metal reigned supreme.

Photos taken by Mark Valentino on February 15, 2020 at Saint Vitus Bar in Brooklyn, NY.


Unless you've been living under a rock, the brilliance of death metal trailblazers BLOOD INCANTATION has probably made its way onto your timeline at one point or another. The unit's intricate riffing and dynamic song structures is one that is well reflected via the live setting with their recent show at Saint Vitus Bar being proof of that. Local forces RUIN LUST and FUNERAL LEECH joined the effort with their own bone crushing take on the genre, rounding out a bill of pure intensity. Our own Mark Valentino made it down for Night 2 of the scheduled shows in Brooklyn and has documented the madness for those unable to live it. With a large amount of interest generated by the show exclusive merch items, the quartet had many eager to bask in their madness.

Enjoy photo galleries of each performance, courtesy of Mark Valentino:


RUIN LUST (Bandcamp):




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