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OPIUM LORD level the playing field on "Vore"

Hailing from the unit's sophomore release.

Five years into existence and Birmingham's OPIUM LORD are showing no signs of slowing down, further evolving with each musical chapter they offer to the world. Their forthcoming release Vore is a testament to said evolution and finds the band breaking free from the chains of genre categorization. This new composition arrives on October 11th via Sludgelord Records.

Though doom/sludge in nature, the band delves outside those realms and incorporate elements of noise, hardcore, and more throughout this new 7-track outing. This is OPIUM LORD doing as they want, disregarding any predetermined notions and fulfilling their creative desire for a crushing musical result. Their musical prowess is one that garnered attention from YOB's Mike Scheidt, who happens to guest star on the track Columbia.

Stream the lead single Sherwood Is Connector below and pre-order your copy HERE.

Cover art by Chris Scrivens and Morgan Tedd


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