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Paving The Path Towards a Blissful Year: CHOIR BOY in West Hollywood

Heaven on earth.

Adam Klopp, Choir Boy

Photos by Heaviest of Art at The Roxy in West Hollywood on December 12, 2019.


Dais Records, home of DRAB MAJESTY, COLD CAVE, TEMPERS, and YOUTH CODE to name a few, is no stranger to introducing the world to eclectic acts and experiences. The label's end to the decade was a spectacle, having released several list-topping records for artists who's live showmanship reached new bounds. As we enter the new decade, it's clear that Dais has no intentions of letting their foot off the pedal given the palette of releases already in the works, one being from CHOIR BOY.

The dream-pop unit made their way to the world recognized Sunset Strip on a cold Thursday night as part of a short run of shows at the start of December. It may not have been Led Zeppelin, Mötley Crüe, or The Doors playing the famed venue, but the events that took place that night are to be remembered forever by the hundreds in attendance.

After signing with Dais Records in late-2017, CHOIR BOY began their reign through the underground as all great artists do. The label began to plant the seeds with the Sunday Light (2017) EP, the Part Time Punks (2017) cassettes, and a reissue of the band's debut Passive With Desire in 2018. It was only a matter of time before pockets of fans across the internet began to pickup on the angelic tunes that stemmed from Utah. Fast forward two years from the signing and CHOIR BOY have found themselves here, in West Hollywood, in front of several hundred individuals eager to witness the magic via the live setting.

Following two energizing opening performances by S.Product and Marbled Eye, it was time for the blissful four to open the red velvet curtains before them. As frontman Adam Klopp entered the stage, he drew smiles from the jump, radiating pure bliss and great vibes. With eyes closed and hearts open were the fans, ready to bathe in the wonder of opening track Two Lips. The famed track had many with arms raised, grasping for Klopp's joyful gaze. CHOIR BOY, consisting of Klopp, guitarist Michael Paulsen, bassist Chaz Costello, and keyboardist/saxophonist Jeff Kleinman, cleared through an immaculate opening track performance, only to follow with fan favorites Hellmouth, Sunday Light, and Blood Moon among many others. Each musician was at their best, emitting pure goodness.

Michael Paulsen, Choir Boy

The musical excellence present at The Roxy was one to be witnessed. It may not have been as musically heavy as other shows typically covered by us here at Heaviest of Art, but it was emotionally heavy, and that's what matters most here. As mellow as their compositions may seem, the emotions we're talking about here are more about happiness. There was no shortage of smiles, heads bopping, and singing fans from beginning to end, exemplifying the power of music and it's ability to resonate with soul. Tracks like Leave Me Be had the crowd in awe, chanting the lyrics along with the melodramatic atmosphere. Let it be known that another iconic show took place at the legendary Sunset Strip.

Jeff Kleinman, Choir Boy

Kleinman's saxophone was welcomed to great applause whenever it made an appearance, and rightfully so. Once the melodies at the latter half of their new single Nites Like This came around, the crowd erupted with a cheer as the saxophone and dreamy Klopp vocals formed one cohesive union. Kleinman's transition from keyboards to sax was seamless, and so was the musicianship present throughout the night. The dimly lit venue alternated between blue, red, and green hues, all of which completed Klopp and co. to great allure. Not only was the audience having a ball, but the band was too. If the below picture of Klopp, Paulsen, and Costello smiling at our camera doesn't give this away, we don't know what will.

CHOIR BOY is no platinum recording or arena-selling artist just yet, but their ability to pack venues thousands of miles from their hometown speaks to the talent of the Salt Lake City quartet. With just one full-length under their belt, CHOIR BOY have won the hearts of thousands and will continue to do so in the years to come. Whether it's Klopp's wondrous voice or Kleinman's saxophone melodies, the band's hymns are worthy of painting a smile on anyone's face. Their musical trajectory has got them this far and we're certain that this next full-length will elevate them to new levels. If it's not clear to you yet, we're excited.

Enjoy a slideshow of additional images from the festivities below and stream Nites Like This in preparation for the next chapter.



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