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PERSEKUTOR announce new album 'Permanent Winter'

A hard-hitting black n' roll affair with a glacial Whitehead visual.

Photograph by Jess Garten

When Heaviest of Art came out for the inaugural 2018 Decibel Magazine Metal & Beer Pre-Fest in West Hollywood, we arrived early enough to come across an act that stood as both striking and electric. This act, known as PERSEKUTOR, opened the festivities with a live presence that merged the sexual bravado of S&M with true intensity. Their MIDNIGHT-like black n' roll drew dozens to the front, garnering fists and head banging as they riffed the night away. Those who arrived early that day were treated to something special, something that has come back for more. Today, the Vladislav Bârladeanu-front PERSEKUTOR has come forth to announce the arrival of their debut full-length Permanent Winter, out on September 4th via Svart Records.

Though a long way out, PERSEKUTOR have shared lead single Can You Feel The Frost Of Dawn as a glimpse of the rage to come. It takes but no time to get things going, firing from the jump with a drum barrage from the depths as Bârladeanu's sadistic vocals loom around the corner. Jef Whitehead's vibrant illustration does right by the energy present here, completing one feel good package of heaviness. Stream Can You Feel The Frost Of Dawn and stay tuned to the Svart Records webstore HERE for pre-orders.

Cover art by Jef Whitehead


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