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POISON RUÏN share gripping new single 'Resurrection II'

The band's second single of the release cycle narrates a tale of undead revenge.

Photograph by Cecil Shang Whaley

The path is set for the April 14th release of Poison Ruïn's Härvest — a gritty amalgamation of punk, heavy metal, and surf rock. Until then, we're all being introduced into its wonder one single at a time with the spirited Resurrection II being the latest. Lyrically, it treads fantasy and tells a tale of the undead rising to take revenge upon those who have unknowingly wronged them while its razor sharp riffing and instrumentation brings it to life in exquisite fashion. Consider it essential listening.

Stream Resurrection II below and pre-order Härvest.

Härvest (2023)


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