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POLYMOON share new single 'Malamalama'

Cosmic psychedelia to stimulate the mind.

Photograph by Kalle-Erik Kosonen

Finland has enriched the heavy depths of the world with bands aplenty. Whether it be DEMILICH, DEMIGOD, NIGHTWISH or ENSIFERUM, they've produced quality acts throughout the course of history. As of late, the country is home to a thriving psychedelic scene spearheaded by the likes of ORANSSI PAZUZU. Among those ranks is POLYMOON, a formidable quintet that explore the tantalizing genre through a cosmic lens. Today, POLYMOON share the lead single Malamalama from their forthcoming full-length Caterpillars of Creation, which set to arrive on September 4th via Svart Records.

Thriving in atmosphere, Malamalama is definitive of the POLYMOON sound. Prog-rock riffs, lush synth, and complex drum structures collide for one richly layered outing that spotlights Finland's ongoing psych movement.

ORANSSI PAZUZU's Jun-His, who co-produced the record, comments of the band:

“Polymoon are the new open-minded young mages of the explosive psychedelia rock scene that Finland and Tampere area has been producing over the recent years. The rich and colorful sound of the band delivers really fresh and beautiful ideas to the table. And they are being served with such a passion that it makes you think of the days when music was standing out for a revolution. And not in that nostalgic manner, but in a way that makes you experience something important is happening right here and now."

Stream Malamalama below and stay tuned for more POLYMOON.



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