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Porcupine Tree: A Grounding Experience in Los Angeles

The 'Closure/Continuation' Tour hit the Greek for one awe-inspiring evening.

Photograph by Ekaterina Gorbacheva

Text, Photos by Ekaterina Gorbacheva ( at the

Greek Theatre in Los Angeles on September 30, 2022:

Phone policies at live shows have been subject to criticism in recent years, especially with such a strong reliance on video recording. Arguments on both sides of the spectrum are valid, but Porcupine Tree opt for the more immersive route, one that strays from an endless sea of phones raised high, obstructing views and removing one from the musical conversation being had in the present. Their latest LA performance Greek Theatre was a communal moment where all in attendance shared a mutual fondness for moving progressive music.

Celebrating this year's release of CLOSURE/CONTINUATION was Porcupine Tree, who was in the process of bringing a spectacle of a live show across North America. The band looked back to 2002 and opened with fan favorite Blackest Eyes from In Absentia, met by a roaring applause that spoke to the loyalty of the fanbase. New gems like Harridan, Of The New Day, and Rats Return followed with seamless cohesion as they breathed new life on stage. Eras shifted from one to the next as the band alternated tracks throughout two sets and an encore, all of which sparked an enthusiastic reaction from the thousands there.

Photograph by Ekaterina Gorbacheva

Fans both new and old were treated well by a career-spanning setlist that showcased both the longevity and contemporary strength of one of prog's greatest musical entities to date. Sitting there and soaking it in was as grounding an experience as you can get, allowing layers upon layers of compositional dexterity to unfold on stage before our very eyes. Stage lighting and digital screens complemented the journey transpiring in unison with the hymns selected, offering as great a visual feat as a musical one. It's evident that CLOSURE/CONTINUATION has already earned a soft spot in the hearts of prog enthusiasts everywhere, and what was witnessed at the Greek further solidified it.

Enjoy a brief photo gallery below and stream/order CLOSURE/CONTINUATION.


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