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Premiere: TRACE AMOUNT - Gloss Of Life (Episode 1)

Shedding light on yet another endeavor by the multidisciplinary musician.


Coming together with composer BTKGOD is Brooklyn's Brandon Gallagher (TRACE AMOUNT), who today, exclusively shares the first episode of Gloss Of Life. This new creative undertaking is an animated series that dives deeper into an unsettling sci-fi world with characters crafted by TRACE AMOUNT himself, paired well with BTKGOD's Carpenter Brut-inspired soundtrack as he blends vibrant synth with industrial antics. With TRACE AMOUNT's vast experience as a creative entity designing merch, music videos, and album covers, Gloss Of Life stands as a force in visual experimentation with a fantastic score to speak for it.

Heaviest of Art is happy to premiere Episode 1 of Gloss Of Life, titled Chromatic Abduction in advance of tomorrow's global release. Episode II: Medicated Escape Simulations arrives on Friday, October 30th and Episode III: Return to Planet X on Friday, November 27th. All three episodes will be released on VHS in 720P, with artwork created by TRACE AMOUNT himself.

Check out Chromatic Abduction below and stay tuned for VHS pre-orders HERE.



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