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PYRRHON announce new album 'Abscess Time'

A myriad of musical elements coalesced into one.

Photograph by Caroline Harrison

Coming across a Caroline Harrison album cover is a sure-fire way of discovering quality music (see WEEPING SORE's False Confessions as an example). Her latest visual endeavor fronts PYRRHON's dynamic new album Abscess Time, set to arrive on June 26th via Willowtip Records. Like the art before it, the sounds are intricate, waltzing through genre boundaries and cementing PYRRHON as one of the premiere acts of today. This isn't your traditional take on death metal, rather an unorthodox one that strays from the linear path many seem to follow. Needless to say, it's a fascinating listen. Frontman Doug Moore comments of the record:

"This album is about watching the human world slowly slide towards collapse while you're too busy trying to survive until the next day to do anything about it."

The process seems to take forever, even though little things change every day. And since you're constantly straining to keep your head above water, it's all just the background against a foreground of more immediate dangers. Humans can adapt to anything, so fool yourself into thinking it can last forever – but then, one day, the boil bursts."

Stream Another Day In Paradise below and pre-order your copy of the record HERE.

Cover art by Caroline Harrison


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