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QUESTION prepare for the release of 'Reflections of the Void'

An unsettling old school sound that harnesses atmosphere to great lengths.

Cover art by Lucas Korte (Shoggoth Kinetics)

From Santiago De Querétaro to the world, Mexico's QUESTION deliver nefarious death metal with vivid visuals to boast. Where 2014's Doomed Passages sported otherworldy art by Arturo Vargas, the forthcoming Reflections of the Void enlists Lucas Korte (Shoggoth Kinetics), who you may otherwise know for working with BLOOD INCANTATION and TOMB MOLD.

Set to arrive on June 29th via Chaos Records, Reflections of the Void consists of an atmospheric blend of riffs that pair well with it's CONVULSE-like intensity. With two hard-hitting singles to show for it, QUESTION are on a path towards a list topping release that will place them among the underground's elite. This is death metal of the highest order with a tantalizing cover that raises the bar for visual investment.

Stream singles Beyond Illusions of Existence and First Fragmentation below and stay tuned to the Chaos Records webshop HERE to secure your copy.

Logo by Diego Hernández


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