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ROLO TOMASSI share dreamlike new single 'Closer'

Another showcase of the band's musical breadth.

On February 4th, Rolo Tomassi are set to release their boundless new album, Where Myth Becomes Memory, via MNRK. As previous singles Cloaked and Drip would suggest, the record may very well be the band's most moving effort yet and today's arrival of Closer solidifies that statement. Graceful vocal melodies by way of Eva Korman put listeners at ease while elegant instrumentation inject tranquility. The wondrous nature of the track explores the more fragile ends of Rolo Tomassi's musicianship, which you'll see in glimpses amidst more aggressive efforts like Drip.

Keyboardist/vocalist James Spence comments on the single:

"We wanted to show a completely different side to the record by releasing this single. The album is full of lighter, more gentle moments to contrast the darker side to it and none more so than this."

Vocalist Eva Korman adds:

"The narrative side to the video is about the constant cycle of change. For better or worse, we take our past experiences with us into constantly evolving new beginnings."

Stream Closer below and pre-order your copy of the record HERE.


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