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SAM COFFEY & THE IRON LUNGS share new single 'Gates Of Heaven'

Letting the saxophone soar with serenity.

Photograph by Kate Dockeray

Inching closer to the arrival of their new record, Real One, via Dine Alone Records, SAM COFFEY & THE IRON LUNGS share their new single, Gates Of Heaven, as another testament to the group's songwriting capabilities. With classic and garage rock influences ever so present, Gates Of Heaven shines with a powerful vocal performance by Coffey himself that becomes one with the wondrous saxophone melodies layered in between. Having played on tour slots with Frank Turner and Billie Joe Armstrong's The Longshot in recent years, Sam Coffey's compositions are knocking at the right doors and come February 19th, Real One will propel them further.

Stream Gates Of Heaven below and pre-order your copy of the record HERE.

Cover art by Hayley Elsaesser


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