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SASAMI shares tantalizing new single 'Say It'

Inching closer to the arrival of the Nure-onna inspired full-length.

Photograph by Angela Ricciardi

The term 'genre-blending' is often thrown around and used for records that bridge opposite extremes of the musical spectrum to form one cohesive being. While some force these distinct elements together, there are others who master the art of crafting eclectic works that flow organically. LA's SASAMI is among those who do the latter well and forthcoming album, Squeeze, is the poster child for what 'genre-blending' should aspire to be as new single Say It can show for. Industrial riffs transition into gentle, bass-driven passages that alternate between soothing vocals and aggressive, digitized ones. It's a slow burning affair representative of the varied moods and sonic influences layered within.

Squeeze arrives on February 25th via Domino and comes adorned by fine artist Andrew Thomas Huang who captures the sinister fluidity of the record by fusing Japanese yōkai folk spirit Nure-onna with Sasami mastermind Ashworth.

Ashworth comments on the track:

“‘Say It’ is a rage anthem dance track about spinning out because someone isn’t communicating with you. I feel like when I hear the song I see a hot femme with a mystical flamethrower engulfed in emotional blue flames throwing elbows alone in an industrial dance club in outer space.”

Stream Say It below and pre-order your copy of the record HERE.

Thomas Huang dark art
Cover Artwork by Thomas Huang


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