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SCHAMMASCH announce new album "Hearts of No Light"

The Swiss unit are back with an elite and transcendental black metal offering.

Photograph by Ester Segarra

Switzerland's SCHAMMASCH have the musical and intellectual ability of putting together albums as monumental as Triangle (2016), which often holds them to high standards and leaves expectations high for every subsequent release to follow. It then becomes a challenge to improve on previous successes and deliver a record that pleases not only the fans, but the band as well. With today's announcement of Hearts Of No Light, SCHAMMASCH tear through expectation chains and set a new high standard for avantgarde black metal. This new offering arrives November 8th via Prosthetic Records.

Hearts Of No Light is a showcase of some of black metal's more dynamic musicians at their best. Though truly dark, the record finds streaks of light through experimentation with classical piano by Lillian Liu and clean guitar tones known to stem from SCHAMMASCH strings. Album preference is of course open to the ears of the listener, but Hearts of No Light is the pinnacle of a band who's evolution has shown no bounds.

Aside from the musical prowess of SCHAMMASCH on display, Hearts of No Light also features performances from Aldrahn (formerly Dødheimsgard / Thorns) and Dehn Sora (Treha Sektori, Throane, Ovtrenoir), rounding up one of this year's most prominent offerings.

SCHAMMASCH mastermind C.S.R on the announcement:

“It's been a bit over two years now since the "Hermaphrodite" record was released, and well over (adequately) three years since the release of "Triangle", today a new chapter begins for Schammasch, one with realigned focus, that is stripped of aged skin, under a darkness that burns vividly. "Hearts Of No Light" opens a new cycle of work, spreading a different kind of rays.”   

Stream the first offering Rays Like Razors below and pre-order your copy HERE.

Cover art by C.S.R / Saros Collective

SCHAMMASCH will be making their North American performance debut at this year's Decibel Metal & Beer Fest, set to take place on December 14 & 15. Experience Hearts of No Light in all of it's glory and get your tickets to the event HERE.

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