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SEAX premiere new track "Bring Down the Beast"

From the forthcoming LP 'Fallout Rituals.'

Speed metal unit SEAX have shared the second taste of their forthcoming record Fallout Rituals with the electrifying new track Bring Down the Beast. The new album is set for international release on April 5th, 2019 via Shadow Kingdom Records but you can stream two tracks in the links below.

10 years into their existence, SEAX prove that they're here for blood with Fallout Rituals, which takes you on a time-machine to the glory days of speed and hair metal. Soaring guitars, electrifying screams, and a locomotive drive make this release one to look forward to.

Tracklisting for Fallout Rituals: 1. Fallout 2. Rituals 3. Killed by Speed 4. Bring Down the Beast 5. Feed the Reaper 6. Interceptor 7. Winds of Atomic Death 8. Legions Arise 9. Riders of the Oldworld 10. Born to Live Fast

Stream Bring Down the Beast via Decibel Magazine and pre-order your copy of Fallout Rituals on Bandcamp, where you can also stream the first single Killed by Speed.


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