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Sentient Ruin to reissue ASSUMPTION's 'The Three Appearances' on vinyl

A death doom masterpiece arrives on vinyl for the first time ever.


Leave it to Sentient Ruin to dig deep into the underground to unearth some of metal's most underrated wonders via the physical medium. The label will bring ASSUMPTION's magnum opus The Three Appearances to vinyl for the first time ever, giving fans of slow death an opportunity to own an achievement in the genre.

Released six years ago by Italy's Terror From Hell label, The Three Appearances became widely overlooked despite the death-doom tank it is. One does not compare many bands or records in particular to that of THERGOTHON or INCANTATION, but ASSUMPTION is worthy of said comparison. The pummeling sonics present through the four-track outing rank it high among its death doom counterparts, feeding listeners a dreadful pairing of bludgeoning riffs and cataclysmic drum work.

Stream The Three Appearances in full below and pre-order your vinyl copy HERE.

Cover art by Daniele Lupid


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