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SEPTICFLESH announce new album 'Modern Primitive' + share lead single

The symphonic death metal giants return with a towering conceptual endeavor.

The art of Seth Siro Anton rises again as Septicflesh announce their new album Modern Primitive to be released via Nuclear Blast Records on May 20th. The record, which sports another killer cover illustration by the singing bassist, introduces a story written by guitarist and clean vocalist Sotiris Anunnaki V titled "Salvation" that depicts the experience of a high priest acting as a human conduit between Heaven and Earth. The priest turns to performing primitive and powerful rituals that have been long forbidden, as he seeks the guidance of a chaotic elemental consciousness. Get introduced to the tale with the hard-hitting lead single that is Hierophant.

Frontman Seth Siro Anton comments:

"'Hierophant' is the result of an experiment with ideas that have been haunting our minds for quite a long time. Eventually, they matured, leading us to create one of our darkest compositions ever. It is a rhythmical song with profane heavy riffing, layered with melodies that bring to mind chants from mystical ancient civilizations like the Egyptians."

Guitarist and orchestrator Christos Antoniou adds:

"We found it appropriate to add an imposing ritualistic element to the song. So, from the first second until the end, the orchestration is focused 100% on its grim task, to create an awe-inspiring atmosphere and put the listener at the center of this forbidden ceremony."

Experience Hierophant below and pre-order your copy of the record HERE.

septicflesh new album modern primitive
Cover Artwork by Seth Siro Anton


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