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SEPTICFLESH shares wondrous new single 'A Desert Throne'

As epic as a song can get, the band define audiovisual power in a staggering way.

Modern Primitive fast approaches its May 20th arrival via Nuclear Blast and Septicflesh continue to offer glimpses at one ambitious project that is currently shaping up to be among their best. Today's arrival of new single A Desert Throne could very well be a big turning point for anyone skeptical that the Greek symphonic metal unit would deliver big once again. Anthemic melodies, towering scope, and more encompass this magnificent feat of a track. It comes accompanied by an exquisite lyric video animated by Christos Bourantas for true audiovisual cohesion.

The band comment:

"This is a more epic song with dominant dramatic melodies. Will mankind be leaving behind a barren Earth as its legacy? A desert planet like Mars? For the visualization of the song, a small animation sequence was created by Cloud Factory and was 'dressed' appropriately with the lyrics of the song. Enjoy!"

Experience A Desert Throne below and pre-order your copy of the record HERE.

Cover Artwork by Seth Siro Anton


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