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SHADOW OF INTENT share brutal new single 'Intensified Genocide'

Paving the path towards an impending full-length with sheer deathcore terror.


There's plenty to love in the contemporary "core" subgenre of metal and Shadow Of Intent are among those leading the charge as a trailblazing new act. From their 2016 Primordial debut to the most recent Melancholy (2019), the quartet have remained consistent in their delivery, taking it up a notch time after time. With a high mark already set by the mentioned Melancholy, the follow-up comes heavily awaited. Until then, Shadow Of Intent ready the hordes with today's arrival of Intensified Genocide, a blood-curling new affair of eery symphonic melodies and technicality to bask in. The brief yet electrifying solo is the cherry on top for a track that stands tall among the band's deathcore counterparts.

Frontman Ben Duerr shares:

"With this song, we touch on some of the darkest chapters in human history, often swept under the rug or unheard of. Events that may happen anywhere, due to the carelessness or shortsightedness of dignitaries."

Stream Intensified Genocide below and stay tuned for news on the next chapter.



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