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SHADOWLAND define glorious heavy metal with their 'Lost City' EP

Adorned by the artistic talents of one of their own.


Decades from the golden era of NWOBHM yet the impact is still felt throughout the contemporary state of the genre. Of the many bands inspired by the greatness of ANGEL WITCH and IRON MAIDEN, New York's SHADOWLAND is one and they harness it with precision. The quintet, who consist of members of different goth, punk, and metal outfits, have just self-released their Lost City EP, putting themselves on the map as a band to keep a close eye on.

The two-track effort is testament to the growth that SHADOWLAND have made since their inception in 2018. Lamia kicks things off with an eerie synth that is later met by the electrifying guitar duo of Jeff Filmer and Blaze. Cover artist and vocalist Tanya Finder belt out a commanding performance that positions her high among Stacey Peak (SAVAGE MASTER) and Sarah Ann (SMOULDER) as some of the best in contemporary heavy metal. With cries and solos this powerful, the two performances harken one back to the glory days. Title track Lost City further emphasizes said statement in rumbling fashion. Cedric's bass work is consistent with Dave Hawk's lively drumming, keeping the pace alive and headbang worthy. One can only hope that SHADOWLAND's full-length debut is imminent .

Stream Lost City in full below and be sure to order your copy of the record HERE. You can also find more of Finder's work HERE.

Cover art by Tanya Finder


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