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Shots From The Road: Interpol in Anaheim

New York's trailblazing trio brought a refined elegance to the House of Blues for an audience keen for compositional intrigue.

interpol tour, interpol anaheim, interpol concert.
Photograph by Joshua Alvarez

Text, Photos by Joshua Alvarez (@joshua.jam3s) at the

House of Blues in Anaheim, CA on October 27, 2023:

In a move worthy of the price of admission, Interpol came down to the House of Blues in Anaheim for a more intimate showing preceding two back to back the shows at the larger Greek Theatre in Los Angeles. The latter, an outdoor amphitheatre amidst LA's hillsides and beautiful Griffith Park, is fitting for the band's moving compositions, but Anaheim offered a stronger presence and opportunity to bask in Interpol's shape-shifting craft with its dimly lit setting and smaller crowds.

El Monte's The Red Pears opened up the night with their soulful indie rock, swaying bodies along with their glistening melodies from one track to the next. Though a contrast to the somber nature of the headlining Interpol, The Red Pears set great ambiance among the many in attendance, building excitement with their presentation of this year's new album, The Way You Talk. From here came Interpol, shrouded in darkness with brief glimpses of light by way of overhead strobes.

The reflection in Paul Banks' shades was that of illumination, perfectly captured in the article's header photo. The House of Blues stood still, focused, indulging in the band's celebrated discography with hits like PDA, Roland, C'Mere and more shining on.

interpol tour, interpol anaheim, interpol concert.
Photograph by Joshua Alvarez

Rest My Chemistry offered an upbeat, smooth feeling that attendees caught onto with noticeable joy. It's a standout offering that hits harder in the live setting, as do many of the other selections on the display, beginning with the opening Untitled. Though Sam Fogarino was out from this tour, his presence was strongly felt in the heartbeat that was carried by the rhythms of Lights among others.

The Interpol live experience is one of patience, of catharsis, and true heart with the evening at House of Blues serving as a strong testament to the grip that the trio hold on fans across the world. Head below for photo galleries of both performances.

The Read Pears Photo Gallery

Interpol Photo Gallery


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