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Shots From The Road: Youth of Today, 7 Seconds, Judge, and Side By Side in Los Angeles

Revelation Records and SOS Booking brought 1720 down with back to back shows of hardcore legacy, moving bodies and harnessing communal power.

youth of today, hardcore, hardcore punk, revelation records.
Photograph by Oscar Rodriguez

Text, Photos by Oscar Rodriguez (@bloomxphoto) at

1720 in Los Angeles on April 12 & 13, 2024:

The impact that Revelation Records has had on hardcore, punk, and music entirely goes without saying. Whether it be Sick of It All, Quicksand, or Gorilla Biscuits to name a few, the foundation that the independent label has laid through its releases is widespread in influence, still making itself heard on many of each genre's contemporary releases. Revelation (and their bands) are iconic, and this weekend, 1720 in Los Angeles was host to a memorable weekend of performances from bands who raised a generation.

In partnership with SOS Booking, Revelation Records brought 7 Seconds, Judge, Side By Side, and Youth of Today to the warehouse for two back to back nights of hardcore greatness, the likes of which we had the privilege of documenting for your viewing pleasure. They say a picture is worth a thousand words and each shot within the below photo galleries show the grit and joyous aggression present in that room. You only get that sort of profound reaction from music that moves, and 7 Seconds, Judge, Side By Side, and Youth of Today all shook the many in attendance with hymns engraved in hardcore history. Head below and feel the power.

Judge Photo Gallery

7 Seconds Photo Gallery

Side By Side Photo Gallery

Youth of Today Photo Gallery


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