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SIDEREAN announce debut album 'Lost On Void's Horizon' + share new single

Otherworldly death metal makes its way to your shelves this summer.


Rising from the remains of their initial moniker of TELEPORT, Slovenia's SIDEREAN comes forth as one multifaceted entity of ambitious death metal capabilities. Their craft is far from linear, far from generic, and far from tame. Come June 25th, the world will come face to face with their debut outing, Lost on Void's Horizon.

Arriving via Edged Circle Productions with a galactic album cover by way of Fernando JFL, Lost on Void's Horizon is a journey 10 years in the making. Following multiple self-released demos, a compilation, and an EP, the band was reborn with a redefined sound as SIDEREAN. Their Gorguts and Stargazer-like approach to the genre is nothing short of pristine and today's arrival of the title track paves the path towards the release of the bewildering Lost on Void's Horizon.

Stream the title track below and pre-order your copy of the record HERE.

Cover art by Fernando JFL


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