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SIGH announce new album 'Shiki' + share psychedelic lead single

The Japanese metal legends return with an immersive, story-driven experience.

On August 26th, Peaceville Records will give way to Sigh's Shiki, the latest in blackened heavy metal from the Japanese standouts. This time, Sigh's legacy takes a darker turn towards an eclectic collision of sound that allows for psychedelic atmospheres and avantagarde structures to flourish. Mastermind Mirai Kawashima is on a creative high and with the varying meanings of Shiki in Japanese, it's only right that the music reflect such a profound, season-oriented theme of death. Kawashima is joined by Frédéric Leclercq of Kreator, Mike Heller of Fear Factory, along with an appearance by longtime member Satoshi Fujinami on bass.

Mirai Kawashima comments on the track:

“The song is kind of a culmination of what Sigh have been up to. Whistle scream, throat singing, Uriah Heep like vocal harmonies, vocoder, flute solo, shakuhachi solo, Hammond solo and the great guitar solo by Fred - it's got everything! Although it's only 5-minute long, it's a very dramatic song with many aspects. The title stands for ‘a strange incident at midnight’, and it's based on actual weird experience I had. Long story short, I experienced midnight twice in one night! You can read the details at the end of the video. We have been working with Costin for a long time, so we were 100% sure that he'd be the best guy to visualize my eerie experience, and how did it turn out? You all see for yourselves!”

Stream Mayonaka No Kaii below alongside Costin Chioreanu visuals and pre-order your copy of the record HERE.

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