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SIGNO ROJO to Release 'End Of Tether' EP In February

In celebration of their 10th Year Anniversary.

Swedish sludge punks SIGNO ROJO will be celebrating 10 years of abrasive beauty by self-releasing a newly-recorded EP End Of Tether, hitting digital shelves on February 8, 2019. This is the first of several announcements from the band in regards to their anniversary celebration.

End of Tether is the follow up to the widely celebrated full length Svårföddalbum (2017), which sees the band taking their brute force to new extremes. Consisting of three blistering tracks, this EP is expected to pave the way for the SIGNO ROJO freight train coming right at you in celebration. The band will be playing the EP throughout Sweden while working on their next full length, also set to release later this year.

End Of Tether Track Listing:

1. End Of Tether

2. Breeders

3. Märkvärdig

Enjoy the EP teaser below and cover art by Jonas Nilsson as we wait for pre-orders to go live in the coming days.


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