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Singapore's OFFSET share pummeling new track 'Plunged Into'

Disfiguring deathpunk with an album cover just as maniacal.


Take a second to look at Shintaro Kago's album cover illustration. This manga-like beauty is exactly what you'll look like after one full spin of OFFSET's forthcoming MLP Bent Benevolence. Arriving on September 18 via Pulverised Records, Bent Benevolence finds the Singapore quartet taking deathpunk to new extremes. Razor sharp d-beat drum patterns, suffocating screams, and HM-2 riffage are among the many elements incorporated in the 4-track beast. Take recently released single Plunged Into for a spin and let it tear you up.

Stream Plunged Into below and pre-order your copy of the record HERE.

Cover art by Shintaro Kago


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