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The Night Belonged To Wonder: Sleep Token In Los Angeles

An all-encompassing masterclass of mystery and grace was subject to worship.

sleep token
Photograph by Ekaterina Gorbacheva

Text, Photographs by Ekaterina Gorbacheva ( at

The Wiltern on October 12, 2022:

Shrouded by darkness and visible only in brief glimpses by low and scattered light, the mystifying masked enigma that is Sleep Token know how to intrigue a keen audience. Worry not about who lies behind their black robes and masks, and invest yourself into the comprehensive nature of their musicianship, the likes of which breathes new life via the live setting. The band have recently concluded a North American Tour in support of In This Moment and we were among those present at The Wiltern early in the evening to document the Spinefarm Records gem.

Though the venue's odd midway balcony photo policy created some obstacles, it did little to remove our enjoyment of what transpired across that dimly lit stage. Frontman Vessel, who has already established himself among the best contemporary voices in the post-rock, post-metal arena, delivers big from the start with opening track Alkaline, pulled right from last year's This Place Will Become Your Tomb.

Photograph by Ekaterina Gorbacheva

Like the dissolving figure at the forefront of their latest endeavor, Sleep Token are fluid and expressive, roaming their playing field with hand gestures and feeding off the audience's reactions. Hypnosis then ensues and its transcendental melodies radiate throughout The Wiltern in ways that left many gazing in awe. The track, which establishes a fine balance between serenity and aggression, rips into a listener with hefty crashes, moving choruses, and a leveling breakdown that arrives towards the back-end, shifting pace as one slow-burning display of guitars raging on.

Consider us hypnotized.

Photograph by Ekaterina Gorbacheva

Among the best tracks on This Place Will Become Your Tomb is Mine, an elegant number that transition from graceful choral passages to an explosive chorus with much emotion riding through it. It's here that Sleep Token soar high, exemplifying why they've received the acclaim they have amidst an otherwise flooded range of artists. 2019's expectation setting debut, Sundowning, also made an appearance with Sleep Token staples, Higher and The Offering, closing out the opening performance with aplomb. In This Moment may have been the main draw, but the many amongst us were provided a show-stealing performance to remember. Sleep Token further defined themselves as an act to watch for with multi-faceted compositions and radiant showmanship to boast.

Enjoy a show gallery below and bask in This Place Will Become Your Tomb HERE.


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