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SORIZON share galactic new video for 'Lost in a Dream'

Pulling from NASA and Hubble libraries for a striking visual companion.

Photograph by Karina Diane

Summer is here and SORIZON are inching closer to the release of Thanatos Rising, a full-length of soaring capabilities and signature Eliran Kantor artwork. To ease listeners into the tantalizing experience that awaits, the band have shared a 4K outer space lyric video for their latest single Lost in a Dream.

Though the visuals come courtesy of NASA and Hubble, the sonic atmospheres on Lost in a Dream are purely their own. SORIZON waste no time and kick things off from the get go, bombarding listeners with a cataclysmic drum barrage that is slowly met by a voltaic guitar performance by way of Danny Mann and Tim Hall. As the energy carries forward, Keith McIntosh adds a varied vocal performance that pleases those with an affinity for death metal while also catering to those who favor the glory of heavy metal. It's an all around assault that comes complemented by sights to die for, making for a seamless audiovisual experience.

Stream the mighty Lost in a Dream below and dive into the neat footage.

Cover art by Eliran Kantor

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