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Southern Lord Records Announce Limited Vinyl reissue of Sleep's 'Dopesmoker'

Southern Lord Records announce reissue of Sleep's iconic record Dopesmoker on limited vinyl and cassette.

Southern Lord Records, comprised of Greg Anderson and Stephen O’Malley of renowned band (sunn O))), is known for its exceptional catalog of releases from some of the world's heaviest bands, including Saint Vitus, Darkest Hour, Electric Wizard, and Zakk Sabbath to name a few. They continue this streak with a newly announced reissue of Sleep's monumental third full-length Dopesmoker.

Southern Lord worked with Sleep's Al Cisneros in 2011 to rework Dopesmoker with new cover art by the great Arik Roper and a phenomenal remastering by Brad Boatright.

While there have been plenty of vinyl variants and represses of this record released over the years, this particular version includes added details, including a holographic cover jacket, a sick Dopesmoker poster, and a 'Cornetto' vinyl variant that is limited to only 500 copies. It also includes unseen photos and a “riff-chart” the band created specifically for this vinyl repress.

In addition to the title track, the record includes a live version of Holy Mountain played at the I-Beam in San Francisco (1994) and a live version of Sonic Titan played at 935 Gilman Street in Berkeley (1992). With tracks this heavy and a vinyl package this detailed and pristine, there's no way you should 'sleep' on this release. Order your copy here.


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