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SPACE CHASER announce new album 'Give Us Life' + share lead single

Berlin's thrash metal ensemble take the genre to galactic heights.

Photograph by Michael Baumgärtner

With a Terminator-esque cover by Mario Lopez to speak for it, SPACE CHASER come forth to present their third full-length, Give Us Life. Arriving on July 16th via Metal Blade Records, Give Us Life marks the band's label debut with conviction, firing off on all creative ends. Their ambitious approach to establishing a visual identity expands upon their raging, Carl Sagan-inspired thrash, the likes of which incorporates hints of death metal for an all-around barn burner. To ease audiences into their next dystopian sci-fi chapter, the band release Remnants of Technology alongside a glorious Lucas Fiederling-produced video.


"For our first sign of life on Metal Blade Records, we wanted to make the best music video we could possibly make. And with a lot of hard work and even more luck, we got something far greater than we could have ever dreamed of. We had this idea for a video lying around for years, but never were able to put it to film. Until now. We had a crew of 60 people working for us. Somehow word got around in the Berlin film scene, and almost everyone was on fire, and wanted to be a part of it. 50 Costumes, 4 make-up artists, 30 extras, a team of directors, camera operators, professional lightning - you name it, we had it. Two teams of set-builders worked tirelessly for a week together with the band. We built an entire bar in some humid, freezing cold basement for a total of 3 days and nights of shooting.

The concept was planned for months, an entire week of preparation and two days of assembling everything. Everybody pulled their weight and helped make our little space short. Lucas Fiederling of Peregrine Films didn't sleep for two months straight. The result looks like a Michael Jackson video. If he was a thrasher. From Berlin. Watch The Skies."

Stream Remnants of Technology below and pre-order your copy of the record HERE.

space chaser
Cover art by Mario Lopez


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